Café Pinson

Discreet, uncluttered, light, welcoming and decidedly healthy, but without insisting.


Fresh juices, daily raw veg offerings, original main dishes and soups inspired by new-age raw and vegan cooking and a broad range of sweets that include such intensely flavoured indulgences as chocolate ganache and lime coconut pudding.


A fine range of organic and biodynamic wines are complemented by a full range of herbal and black teas and fair trade coffees.


Comfortable, tasteful furnishings and a bathroom equipped with a changing table for mothers with infants add a further degree of well-being. There is a full brunch on Sundays and a take-away service.

6 rue du Forez, 75003 Paris, France

Tel: 09 83 82 53 53

Monday to Wednesday from 9am to 7pm; Thursday, Friday 9am to midnight; Saturday from 10h to midnight, Sunday 10am to 6pm


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