The name says it all – stripped down, raw, no frills, pure, organic – the bare bones. But the quality of the cooking here is exceptional, as are all of the ingredients, most of which are made by the chef himself, Australian born James Henry. What isn’t made by him is sourced from the best – Terroirs d’Avenir, La Ruchotte, Annie Bertin, Stéphane Meyer…The food is complemented by a great wine list (Bois Moisset) and though this is not a place for quiet reflection and savouring (the atmosphere is loud and noisy with music blaring most of the time), you will come away energised and alive. 40 euro no choice menu requires reservations and no reservation bar area with an entire roast pig (the day we were there) open to all from 7pm Tuesday to Saturday.

Bones Restaurant, Paris

Bones – 43 rue Godefroy Caviagnac, 75011

Metro Voltaire (9) book a few weeks in advance
Tel: 09 80 75 32 08

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