Help Save the Earth through eating and drinking – How?

Example N° 1 : Water

Water is the source of all life.

Industrial and chemical agriculture use pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and chemical fertilisers that kill all macro-biological life in soils, thus rendering them sterile and inert, preventing them from filling their roles as carbon sinks and sources of oxygen. The soil becomes harder and harder, incapable of absorbing rainwater, which instead runs off into ditches and into rivers. No longer bound by roots and living micro-organisms, the soil erodes, carried away by the rains, taking all the chemical ‘cides’ with it. Some of these chemicals do manage to filter through the soil into the water table, which is our main fresh water resource. We then end up with contaminated, poisoned drinking water. The rest end up in the sea where they choke the oxygen producing phytoplankton, reducing the sea's lung capacity and contributing to the green house effect.

Organic and biodynamic agriculture do not use pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and chemical fertilisers but strive to give life back to soils so they can provide a healthy foundation for the plant's immune system. The ‘cide’ in pesticide, herbicide, insecticide, etc. means death. ‘Bio’ means life and ‘dynamic’ means in motion, so biodynamic agriculture means life in motion. This life in soils is the key to life on the planet and clean drinking water, because soils that are alive function as sponges to absorb rainwater where it falls. It then filters through the living soil, carrying micro-organisms, minerals and nutrients with it that enliven water and give it its life-giving properties.

By eating and drinking organic and biodynamic products, you are therefore helping to save the earth.