More about TASTE…the association

A new year always marks the beginning of new projects, new ventures, new ideas, hopes and aspirations. New energy is brought to existing activities and old ideas are made new. TASTE has now existed for two and a half years and has continued to grow despite very limited funds derived entirely from membership contributions and certain events.

No man is an island and though the sensual experience of taste is personal and subjective, tastes are shared and communicated. TASTE, an association devoted to “helping to save the planet through eating and drinking”, needs your support as we continue our work of promoting, protecting and encouraging the appreciation of real taste midst the confusion and illusion of industrialised and fabricated tastes.

What does this involve and what does TASTE do? Apart from community events like picnics and tastings, TASTE organises conferences, promotes understanding of agricultural issues through articles and media, and functions as a member-driven eco-tourism activity promoting “the spirit of place through taste”.

This year we are trying to expand our travel listings and create an eco-tourism data base featuring environmentally responsible hotels, auberges, chambres d’hôtes, B&B’s, gîtes, camp-sites, restaurants, wine bars, wine shops, markets, tour operators, rentals, transporters, organic and biodynamic vineyards and farms…so that anyone can easily choose options that are environmentally friendly. Travel is fundamentally about taste as we experience the world through our eyes, but really take it in through our mouths. cialis 10mg every other day generic viagra cialis online pharmacy where to buy viagra online generic viagra and cialis

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‘The focus of TASTE TOURS is really the spirit of place through taste – tasting something unique to a specific part of the planet, whether a bleu cheese from Roquefort or an organic wine from Australia, that brings us into contact with the very essence of a place. The world is filled with special foods – unfortunately many of them have become highly processed and artificially flavoured. The flavours of organically and bio-dynamically grown foods are alive and vital. They tie us to the soil. The French call it the ‘terroir’ of a place and hence its spirit. This is a common reflection when speaking about wine, but can be applied to any local produce that reflects the true nature of where it was planted, cultivated and picked – unsullied by chemical inputs, additives or industrial processing. It is part of the mission of TASTE to bring members to the discovery – or rediscovery – of what food really tastes like. We believe that taste makes all the difference.

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We bring travellers to the world’s best tables, gastronomic palaces and beach fire cookouts to experience and celebrate real taste. We defend unfiltered and untarnished organic, ecological, ethical and above all, delicious local foods and wines that are respectful of the environment and produced in the most passionate way. Part educational, part epicurean, TASTE above all supports local, seasonal products – products that actually have ‘taste’.

TASTE TOURS is also about discovering how things are grown or transformed to become what they are. We meet growers, farmers, winemakers, cheese makers, fishermen and foragers. These encounters help us to better appreciate where our food comes from and what is involved in producing it. They help us to make better, healthier choices for ourselves and the planet.

Nature’s pantry is right at our doorstep and so TASTE TOURS is currently researching and organising outings to forage for medicinal and edible wild plants in and around Paris. Our Edible & Medicinal Wild Plant Harvest tours will be starting in the Spring, so keep an eye out for dates on our website.

This year there are already several tour possibilities online to discover the natural beauty of the wild, west coast of British Columbia in Canada.

We are also building Car-Free Weekend Getaways for families and couples who want to escape the city and get the most out of their time without having to drive on unfamiliar roads, scrambling to find the best shops before they close Friday evening or have to dine in restaurants, which are often expensive and disappointing. You are met at the train station, taken to your gîte, chambre d’hôte, hotel and a pre-ordered basket of locally sourced organic food along with all the necessary staples is there waiting for you. You can enjoy the pleasures of quality home cooked meals for significantly less than it would cost to dine out. Ideal for families or those who enjoy and trust in their own cooking ahead of the sometimes dismaying adventure of trusting other’s restaurant recommendations.

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You can also create your own tour and consult with us to help you organise it.

Or you can choose among the various wine taste awakening tours and self-drive options we have created for France.

These activities all require a certain amount of time and energy to arrange and at the moment we are understaffed. If you are interested in working with us to develop these projects, or can offer material support of any kind, please write to us at