Mark Lynas' “environmental conversion” (part 5 – end)

Embracing ‘science’ is what really frightens me because that is the very root of the problem. What people mean today by science in my view is not science at all but extremely specialised research designed to produce results and prove the validity of very spurious medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural and genetically modified food products.

True science seeks to understand through constant observation, testing, re-testing and then more observation. It does not manipulate information to provide easy answers. Nature does a very, very good job of providing all the answers, but we gave up listening or learning with the advent of what today is referred to as ‘science’. And yes, there have been useful ‘scientific’ advances, but had we continued to focus on nature’s rhythms, infinite complexity and perfect harmony and not turned toward the facility of measuring the material, we could have found many of the answers we’re only now finding (notably in terms of naturopathic remedies for every illness, nature’s extraordinary abilities to heal and cleanse itself as well as the harmonious order and inter-connections between living organisms and the subtle energies that animate them) a very long time ago.

We would also not have destroyed the soils and the water systems of the planet and threatened the health of all of its inhabitants. We would have adopted clean energy, made nature our pharmacy, food our first medicine and never faced over-population through the over-production of food. War would be a rarity and our happiness levels would have increased instead of declining.

Learning to live with nature is, in my humble opinion, the true science. Understanding our place in all of this rather than using the ill advised old-testament prerogative of exercising dominion over nature is true science. The rest is pride, money and ego and it would seem Mark Lymas is in their sway.

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