Fair Sailing

Organic & BD wines & beers transported by sailboat

An historic venture in environmentally friendly modern transportation is taking place this week organised by Trans Oceanic Wind Transport (TOWT), in partnership with Fair transport BV. A cargo of 15,000 bottles of organic and biodynamic wines was loaded in the Port of Roscoff-Bloscon to be shipped to Copenhagen on the brigantine Tres Hombres, the only cargo ship in the world without an engine.

Tres Hombres
Tres Hombres

All of the wines aboard are produced with respect for the environment and so their shipping is in accord with their agricultural production. They were all collected by a single transporter to optimise the reduction of CO2 emissions, who is likewise committed to reducing green-house gasses.

This shipment of natural wines to Denmark was motivated by research into a coherent global committment and the bottles themselves labelled “Shipped by sail power”. The choice of natural wines is on the rise around the world and it is also believed that the journey by sea could benefit even more the quality of the wines. It is estimated that 8.5 tonnes of CO2 will be economised by the journey.

But this is not the first environmentally friendly cargo shipment for the Tres Hombres. This 32 metre brigantine built in Holland and operated by Fair transport BV has also been delivering an organic beer from Exeter to France since 2009!

Avocet Organic Beer
© Avocet Organic Beer

Here is an account of the venture from Exeter Brewery’s website:

Avocet® is Devon’s original organic real ale. Since its creation in 2008, this ale has been a favourite from the start. With it’s pale blonde colour this is a modern-style distinctly flavoured beer. Pecsighdivera Made with three organic hop varieties, it has a refreshing citrus taste and an attractive aroma.

Exports to France by sail. We now export our bottled Avocet to France. This is a joint venture with TOWT, who are leading the way with sustainable transport, moving goods around the world solely by wind power. Our first shipment left Brixham harbour in October 2009 aboard the 150 foot square rigger, the Tres Hombres. Since then there have been other shipments from Brixham and Plymouth, the last being in June, with nearly 10 tonnes of our Avocet aboard! Avocet ale is now available in cafes and shops from Brittany to Paris.


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